Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

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Toddlers and Infants on Boracay – Getting Here & What to Do in 2021

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Over the last decade My Boracay Guide has grown up on Boracay and we’ve seen a lot of toddlers and infants along the way. Travelling with toddlers in Boracay can be challenging; we’ve collected a few tips that might help you plan out your vacation with confidence.

Getting your child here

The transit to Boracay is a reasonable endeavour. The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands depending on how high the tide is. In terms of tropical accessibility, Boracay has been well travelled and as such your transportation time and transportation options are much more reliable here. There are a lot of tourists arriving daily and the lines for tickets can be long & hot. When baby’s not happy, no one’s happy! 🙂


We have a First Class transport service that includes both air-condition and budget vehicles. Our transport specialists will pre-purchase your tickets. The price is reasonable & it’s nice to have a team to work with when you’re travelling with kids. You can check prices and options in a new browser tab here. We have regulation car seats and a great team that’s looking forward to helping you through.


  • Pre-book transport from an accredited company
  • Be aware that the trip from Kalibo to Caticlan is nearly two hours by van
  • Make sure your transport operator has car seats & aircon
  • Bring a thicker wheeled stroller to move more easily on the sand
  • Strap infants to your body when going through the jetty port – much easier.

Toddlers on Boracay – what can we do?

It’s really not Disneyland. The most popular “wow” activities are designed & scheduled for adults, many other activities aren’t appropriate for young children. Having said this – Boracay does have more to offer in terms of options & safety than the other smaller tourism hubs in the country.

  • Some activities not appropriate for children!

We can recommend taking a sunset cruise because it’s short and takes place fairly close to shore. Our sunset cruise comes with various inflatables and a crew that can help you on & off the boat. It’s a safe little adventure for kids and a great photo opportunity. We have a large list of Boracay activities, prices & descriptions you can have a look at here.


Some of the best toddler activities you can do are DIY. We find most people have fun with their toddlers simply lounging in station one on the premium beach front. The sand is soft, the water is cool, and there’s a wide variety of food and drink. Many folks from the My Boracay Guide team prefer to go to Mayas or Whitehouse as they tend to be more comfortable for kids but still bring that all-important tropical element to your beach day. Links go to their respective Facebook pages. You can check opening hours, menus & specials.


  • Arrange a beach day in station one
  • Consider low-stress activities such as a family photo shoot
  • Avoid big waves. Swim on White beach from June until October & Swim on Bulabog between October and June
  • Try a sunset cruise

Babysitting toddlers on Boracay

To the best of our knowledge, there is no standardized & accredited babysitting service on the island. When we ourselves bring friends and family to the island we arrange babysitting services and nanny’s on a case by case basis. It’s great to step away once in a while or have four extra hands to help you with your toddlers. Our best advice is to call or email the hotel you would like to stay at before you book the hotel room and confirm they can help you arrange a nanny, & more importantly – that they have helped others do this in the past. Get to know your sitter over the first few days and then enjoy a few evenings out on the town before you depart.


  • Call your hotel before booking to make sure they can provide this service
  • Get to know your nanny for a day
  • Take some time for yourself!

In terms of a tropical vacation destination, Boracay is alright for kids and great for parents. We look forward to your arrival,

-Team MBG


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