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Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

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The Gym in Boracay

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Gyms in Boracay

Looking for a gym in Boracay? Below are prices and details. Whether you’re just here for a few quick days and don’t want to mess up your routine, or staying on the island longer, there are a few great exercise options on the island.

The Iron Throne

Iron throne

There’s no air-conditioning but there is a breeze every now and then. In strong rains the roof leaks, but so what? We’re here to lift not complain right?! If you’re the type of no-nonsense weight lifter who doesn’t sweat the small stuff this might be the perfect gym for you. It should be noted that the clientele is nearly 99% male. There aren’t any reliable cardio machines to use here.

The walk-in price at this Boracay gym is the lowest on the island at 60 pesos and the monthly membership price is 600 pesos. There are no showers and if you want to use a towel or water bring your own. It’s reliably open from 7:00 am and usually closes at 9:00 pm.

Hennan Prime’s Boracay Gym

heann gym

Henan prime in station one is a great little gym. Unfortunately there is no walk-in price & you must stay at the hotel or avail of membership to use these facilities. It’s not very busy and the equipment is modern and varied. This is an air-conditioned gym.

A personal trainer is available for free with your membership. A two-week pass will cost 2,000 and a one-month membership is 2,500.  There are no shower facilities on site but towels and free cold water is available.

Henann gym

King Fisher Boracay Gym

Kingfisher is probably the most popular gym among Boracay locals. The monthly membership is reasonable and the equipment is well maintained. There are cardio machines on site. The biggest drawback might be the location, as it’s far down in station three. The daily walk-in fee is 100 pesos, and a monthly membership is 1,000 pesos. It’s open from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm daily. Bring your own towels and water, but there are both men and women’s showers available. Kingfisher is an open-air gym with no air-con.  There are a wide variety of lifting supplements such a creatine or protein powder available.

King Fishers Gym

The Tides Boracay Gym

The Tides Gym

Legacy Gym Boracay

Legacy gym is a martial arts based gym offering training in several disciplines. There are packages with accommodation daily, weekly, and monthly, and training only options. Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazillian Jujitsu are the main offerings. It’s a great place to get in shape and drop a few pounds, or learn something new. Guests and students are both male and female from all over the world. The schedule runs from 8AM until 6PM and one day training with accommodation starts from 1,250pesos.

Legacy Gym

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