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Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

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Boracay Sunrise: 7 Best Spots to Experience the Majestic View

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For those eager to watch a breathtaking Boracay sunrise, our guide is designed to showcase the best places, ensuring you capture the perfect moment. Whether it’s the panoramic views from soaring heights or the s0ecluded beach nooks nestled among Boracay’s famed white beach, we’ve carefully mapped out the top locations.

Start your day as a true morning person, immersed in the serenity and beauty of Boracay’s early hours. Our guide not only lists these prime spots but also offers insider tips to enrich your experience. Picture the sun rising over the horizon, casting dramatic shadows across the pristine white beach—this is a sight you won’t want to miss. Prepare for an unforgettable morning with our essential guide to chasing the sunrise on the stunning beaches of Boracay.

Sunrise Snippets

  • Mount Luho offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Boracay’s sunrise and can be reached by tricycle or trek; visitors are reminded to check sunrise times and prepare for the entrance fee for the optimal experience.

  • Boracay offers various serene spots like Bulabog Beach for adventure sports and Ilig-Iligan Beach for a more secluded sunrise, with each providing unique, majestic views of the sunrise in a tranquil setting.

  • Tambisaan Beach and Puka Shell Beach are among the top vantage points for observing the sunrise, known for their vibrant colors and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for photography and reflection.

Table of Contents

sunrise at i love boracay sign in Bulabog back beach

Bulabog Beach: Adventure Sports and Sunrise Delight

Nestled on the quieter east side of Boracay Island, just a short distance from D’Mall Boracay, is Bulabog Beach, a serene escape from the bustling island life. As dawn breaks, the dark indigo sky transforms into a stunning play of colors with hues of pink, purple, orange, yellow, and red, reminiscent of a beautiful Boracay sunset. Bulabog also offers the cleanest view with coconut trees lining the horizon, enhancing the tranquil scene.

Apart from being a sunrise haven, Bulabog Beach is also known as the sports capital of Boracay. Whether it’s kitesurfing, windsurfing, or windfoil, adventure seekers have a plethora of water sports to choose from. And if you’re staying at a hotel, take advantage of the free shuttle service to Bulabog Beach and indulge in a thrilling day of water sports after a mesmerizing sunrise.

Sunrise at Bulabog Beach Boracay

How to Get There

Bulabog Beach is easily accessible by various means. If you’re staying at a local hotel, you can utilize the complimentary shuttle service offered by many establishments, which provides a direct route to the beach. Alternatively, renting a bike or hiring a local e-tricycle can offer a more personalized and scenic journey to Bulabog. You may try walking since it a few minutes from the main road.

The Best Time to Visit

To fully experience the splendor of Bulabog Beach, plan your visit at dawn. As the day begins, the sky over this quieter part of the island bursts into a brilliant display of colors—pink, purple, orange, yellow, and red—mirroring the beauty of a Boracay sunset. The early morning hours not only offer a cooler, more comfortable environment but also ensure that you catch the spectacular sunrise before diving into a day of adventure sports.

Mount Luho: Boracay's Highest Peak

Perched at the northernmost point of Boracay Island is Mount Luho, a pinnacle that offers panoramic views of the entire island. While Mount Luho has a few challenging spots, it’s entirely possible to reach its highest point. From there, you can witness the sun emerging over the horizon, its light mingling with the hues of the emerald sea, creating a spectacle that highlights Boracay’s natural beauty. Whether you’re a seasoned sunrise chaser or a first-time visitor, the breathtaking sight from Mount Luho is bound to leave you spellbound.

How to get there

Mount Luho is accessible by hiring an e-tricycle or trekking up the hill, adding an element of adventure to your sunrise journey. If you’re up for a serene ascent, consider taking the back road, a less-trodden path that offers unrivaled tranquility. As you make your way up, remember to pause and soak in the beauty of the lush greenery that encapsulates Boracay’s vibrant ecosystem.

Before setting off on your hike, make sure to check the sunrise time the night before so you can reach the top in time. The observation deck at Mt. Luho is non-operational as of this moment but you may still see the beautiful sunrise at some good points.

The best time to visit

While the sight of a Boracay sunrise is an experience that transcends seasons, planning your Mount Luho visit during the dry season from November to April offers clearer skies and more favorable weather conditions. For the best viewing experience, keep in mind the changing sunrise times throughout the year and aim to arrive early in the morning to bypass the sunset crowds.

Trekking up Mount Luho is a cherished tradition for many sunrise enthusiasts. The journey to the highest point of Boracay, paired with the stunning sunrise, makes this an ideal spot you wouldn’t want to miss on your vacation.

Puka Shell Beach: Textured Sands and Vibrant Sunrise Glow

Puka Shell Beach, or Puka Beach, is a must-visit for those who love textured sands and vibrant morning views. Known for the distinctive puka shells that adorn its shoreline and the charming native boats dotting its waters, this beach offers a unique experience. While the sun doesn’t directly rise over Puka Beach, the early morning sky around 6:30 a.m. is painted in vivid hues, creating a mesmerizing glow that enhances the beach’s natural beauty.

Often referred to as the “beach capital” for its laid-back atmosphere, Puka Shell Beach has fewer commercial establishments, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the tranquil sunrise glow without distractions. To enhance your morning experience, consider settling on the beach with a mat or towel and savoring local drinks from nearby stalls. For photography enthusiasts, Cujo’s Keyhole nearby is excellent for capturing wide-angle shots of the sunrise, adding another dimension to your Boracay adventure.

Sunrise at Puka Shell Beach Boracay

How to Get There

From Boracay’s Main Areas: To reach Puka Shell Beach, take a charter e-tricycle or regular e-tricycle from the busier areas of Boracay. The ride will lead you to the northern tip of the island, where this serene beach awaits. It’s best to leave at least an hour before sunrise since the location is quite far. Once you arrive, stroll along the shore and admire the distinctive puka shells scattered across the textured white sands.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Puka Shell Beach is around 6:00 a.m. to catch the sunrise. At dawn, the sky lights up in vibrant hues, bathing the beach in a warm morning glow. With its laid-back atmosphere and fewer commercial establishments, Puka Shell Beach is ideal for a peaceful, distraction-free sunrise experience. Lay out a mat or towel on the sand, enjoy drinks from nearby stalls, and bask in the natural beauty of the sunrise.

Ilig-Iligan Beach Boracay

If you’re in search of a secluded sunrise experience, Ilig-Iligan Beach is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. This tranquil beach is situated on the quieter side of Boracay Island, not far from Diniwid Beach and Puka Beach, and boasts an unspoiled landscape that makes for an ideal sunrise viewing spot.

As the rising sun illuminates the sky during the golden hour, the clear waters tinged with the first rays of light present a mesmerizing sight, with lapping waves perfect for peaceful contemplation or even a romantic moment. And as the day comes to an end, the stunning sunsets create a breathtaking atmosphere that is hard to forget. In this beautiful setting, witnessing the sunrise and sunset becomes an unforgettable experience.

How to Get There

The journey to Ilig-Iligan Beach isn’t just about arriving but savoring the adventure itself. While the walk to this hidden spot is quite long, it’s a great way to kickstart your day with some energy. For a direct route, take an e-tricycle, or if you’re up for an adventure, follow the scenic beachfront paths that wind along Boracay’s picturesque coastline. The expansive views will elevate your anticipation as you near the serene sunrise at Ilig-Iligan Beach.

For those traveling from Caticlan, take a boat to Boracay Island, then an e-tricycle to reach the tranquil shores of Ilig-Iligan Beach. If you’re staying nearby, a leisurely stroll along the coastal paths will lead you to this idyllic sunrise spot.

The Best Time to Visit

The optimal time to visit Ilig-Iligan Beach is during the golden hour at sunrise. Arriving at dawn will allow you to capture the breathtaking beauty of the sky’s transformation from dark indigo to a dazzling array of colors. The rising sun illuminates the calm, clear waters, presenting a mesmerizing scene with gently lapping waves for peaceful contemplation or romantic moments. Stick around until dusk to witness the equally stunning sunset that wraps up an unforgettable day at Ilig-Iligan Beach.

Cujo's Keyhole in Fairways and Bluewater or New Coast

Cujo’s Keyhole in Fairways and Bluewater or New Coast, located along the western coast, is a must-visit for those who want to see the sunrise from a unique perspective. This rock archway offers a spectacular backdrop for sunrise photos, allowing you to capture the dawn’s beauty in a unique frame.

Accessible via Fairways and Bluewater resort as well as New Coast, Cujo’s Keyhole promises a sunrise experience like no other. And after you’ve soaked in the sunrise, consider heading over to the Belmont Hotel for a hearty breakfast, the perfect ending to a magical morning.

Sunrise at Keyhole Boracay

How to Get There

From Boracay’s Main Areas: Cujo’s Keyhole is accessible via Fairways and Bluewater Resort or New Coast, both located on the western coast of the island. To reach it, you can either arrange transportation directly with the resort or take a chartered e-tricycle ride to the New Coast area, which provides easy access to this scenic rock archway.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Cujo’s Keyhole is at dawn to witness the breathtaking sunrise. The early morning light filters through the rock archway, creating a spectacular backdrop for unique sunrise photography. Due to its location it is better to leave your hotel an hour before the estimated sunrise. The tranquil atmosphere and gentle sea breeze offer a peaceful start to your day.

Tulubhan Beach: A Sunrise Haven

Located on the tranquil side of Boracay Island, Tulubhan Beach and its neighbor, Manoc-Manoc Beach, offer peaceful dawn views, making them perfect for early risers and photographers seeking a serene sunrise experience. As the sun rises, its first rays bathe the calm waters in soft light, creating a tranquil setting ideal for a peaceful morning or romantic escape. Tulubhan Beach, in particular, offers the most rural provincial view and the most depth of land, adding a unique pastoral charm to its serene landscape.

Just a short tricycle ride from the bustling parts of Boracay, Tulubhan Beach is a hidden gem within walking distance of Manoc-Manoc Beach. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these quiet beaches provide unobstructed sunrise views that will captivate anyone in search of early morning serenity, enveloping visitors in an atmosphere that feels worlds away from the typical tourist spots.

Sunrise by the mangroves at the Tulubhan Beach

How to Get There

From Boracay’s Main Areas: To reach Tulubhan Beach and the nearby Manoc-Manoc Beach, you can take a short tricycle ride from Boracay’s busier neighborhoods. You can either charter an e-trike or take a regular e-trike and get off at the AKY Gasoline station, then walk down to the beach. This journey leads to a quiet corner of the island where these hidden gems await. Once at Tulubhan Beach, it’s just a short stroll to reach Manoc-Manoc Beach, allowing visitors to explore both serene spots with ease.

Best Time to Visit

The early morning hours provide the best opportunity to experience the tranquility of these beaches. At dawn, the first rays of sunlight gently illuminate the calm waters, creating a serene setting perfect for a peaceful morning or romantic moment. For early risers and photographers, Tulubhan and Manoc-Manoc Beaches offer unobstructed sunrise views that captivate anyone seeking a moment of early morning serenity.

Tambisaan Beach: Discover the Sunrise Splendor

Tambisaan Beach provides a peaceful environment that’s ideal for savoring the day’s first light. As the sun rises, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, casting a golden glow over the serene waters. This eastward-facing beach offers unobstructed views of the sunrise, making it an exceptional spot for early birds looking to enjoy the peaceful morning ambiance.

With its breathtaking scenery, Tambisaan Beach provides ample opportunities for photographers to capture stunning sunrise shots. Embraced by natural beauty, this island paradise encourages visitors to enjoy and appreciate the environment responsibly, making it the perfect spot for peaceful reflection or romantic moments.

How to Get There

Located on the eastern side of Boracay, Tambisaan Beach is accessible by tricycle or even on foot if you’re staying nearby. From the main areas of the island, a short e-tricycle ride will take you directly to this tranquil spot. The route is straightforward and offers a glimpse into the quieter side of Boracay, leading you straight to the beach’s inviting shores.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tambisaan Beach is at dawn, when it faces east and offers unobstructed views of the sunrise. As one of the top spots to watch the morning unfold, the early hours reveal the sky transforming into a vibrant canvas, with the sun casting a golden glow over the serene waters. This natural spectacle provides a perfect backdrop for photographers and a tranquil setting for anyone seeking morning peace before the crowds arrive.

With its breathtaking scenery and calm atmosphere, Tambisaan Beach isn’t just a photographer’s delight but also a perfect place for peaceful reflection or romantic moments. Visitors are encouraged to cherish and responsibly enjoy the island’s natural beauty, making the most of this serene paradise.

What to Prepare for the Unforgettable Boracay Sunrise Experience

A little bit of preparation can help you make the most of your unforgettable sunrise experience in Boracay. Start by checking the weather forecast for Boracay to ensure clear skies during the sunrise. Next, determine the sunrise time for the specific day you plan to view it using a reliable online weather service or a sunrise/sunset calendar. This will help you plan your day and ensure you don’t miss the magical moment.

Packing the right essentials can also enhance your sunrise viewing experience. Consider packing:

  • A camera or smartphone with a good camera to capture the sunrise

  • A portable charger or extra batteries for your electronic devices

  • Layers of clothing to dress appropriately for changing temperatures

  • A rain poncho in case of unexpected rain showers

  • A water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the experience

Finally, arrive early to choose the perfect vantage point and set up your viewing spot. Depending on the location, you might want to bring:

  • a mat or towel to sit on or keep warm

  • a flashlight or headlamp for navigating the dim path walks

  • a thermos to enjoy a warm beverage as you wait for the sunrise

lists of must have things to bring for a sunrise watching in Boracay

Morning Recap

Boracay Island, with its stunning beaches and breathtaking sunrises, is a paradise that seamlessly blends tranquility and adventure. Whether it’s the panoramic views from Mount Luho, the textured sands of Puka Shell Beach, or the serene atmosphere of Ilig-Iligan Beach, each location offers a unique vantage point to witness the sunrise. But the magic doesn’t end there. The sports capital of Bulabog Beach, the distinctive Cujo’s Keyhole, and the tranquil Tulubhan and Tambisaan beaches further enrich the sunrise viewing experience, providing a diverse selection of spots to choose from.

So whether you’re an early riser, a nature lover, a photographer, or a romantic, the sunrise in Boracay has something for everyone. As the sun emerges over the horizon, painting the sky with vibrant hues, it’s not just a new day being born but a memory that will last a lifetime. So why wait? Pack your bags, set your alarm, and get ready to embrace Boracay’s unforgettable sunrise experience. Catching this natural wonder will be a definite bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can watch the sunrise in Boracay at the famous kitesurfing spot, Bulabog Beach, on the eastern side of the island. Enjoy the peaceful and beautiful sight as the fiery orange hue lights up the sky.

If you’re looking for adventure and a diverse range of activities, Palawan is the clear winner with options for snorkeling, trekking, and hiking. On the other hand, Boracay is perfect for those seeking a relaxing beach vacation.

The best months to visit Boracay, a stunning island in the Philippines, are during the dry season, typically from November to April. The high season on the island is from December to April when the weather is at its best.

The best time to visit Mount Luho for sunrise viewing is during the dry season from November to April when the skies are clearer and the weather conditions are more favorable. Enjoy the stunning sunrise views during this time!

At Bulabog Beach, you can enjoy a variety of water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, helmet diving, parasailing, and jet skiing, providing endless opportunities for adventure and fun.

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