Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

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✅ Bringing Children to Boracay Get to the Island with your Kids!

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Any parent knows that at times, children can be a handful. There are several options we can recommend that make a family trip to Boracay easier.  Over nearly a decade of providing transport assistance, we’ve sure noticed a few things about families. We’ll go ahead and make the following assumptions about what most of our family passengers think is important in a transfer service:

  1. Fast, efficient transport makes everything nicer & more… tolerable. 🙂
  2. Safe, reliable transport is the only way to travel with children.
  3. Families can be big – price still counts.

Kids to boracay

  • With this in mind, let’s talk about getting your family to Boracay & explore the various family transport options.
  • Please keep in mind that all children travelling with My Boracay Guide under the age of five, travel free!

Cheap + Fast – Budget and Standard Transport

These are the two cheapestquickest options available for you to get on Boracay without spending too much money.  It’s the perfect marriage of convenience and thrift – great if you have a lot of passengers in your group. The biggest time problems we all encounter getting to Boracay (Airport & Jetty port) are solved by these transportation packages. We’ll carry your gear and pre-purchase your tickets (if necessary).  Kids and long lines in the heat can be tough for some to handle! You’ll be delivered to your resort in an open air E-tricycle.

  • Budget transfer is for Boracay locals with Baranguy ID & they do not pay the terminal fees.
  • Standard transfer is for non-residents of Boracay – ie; international travellers, Manila folk.

Fast + Comfort – First Class Transfer

Getting childern to boracay

This is our most popular option. Guests – most importantly returning guests – view our end-to-end transport service as great value. It’s not so much more expensive than the budget & standard transport choices but you get assistance straight through to the front door of your resort, rather than negotiating transport in Boracay while navigating dirty diapers! Delivery to your resort will be in the comfort of a private air conditioned van. Car seats come with the First Class Transport option.

Comfort + Freedom + Privacy – Private Taxi Transfer

Relatives and family

This is perfect for a family unit of three or four. Taxis can usually “get there” just a bit faster – or – slower. See something you want to quickly take a photo of on the way? Just ask the driver.  He’s there to help.  Once you’ve arrived on Boracay you will change to our private aircon van and await resort arrival. Car seats come with this Private Taxi transport option.

Adventure + Luxury + Speed – Helicopter & Executive Speed Boat

Childern adventure

Are you in a hurry to get to the island with your loved ones? Don’t like the sun much? Looking for adventure? The Executive Speed Boat transfer and the Helicopter Transfer are two of our most interesting, but most expensive transfers.  They both operate between Caticlan and the Boracay Jetty port. The helicopter is best for older children, and you would have to schedule multiple transfers to accommodate larger groups, but what an experience. Don’t just come to Boracay… thunder up in your own bird and land with flair!

Happy kid

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