Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

Boracay Island Philippines – Photos, Articles, Guide and Info!

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What to do in Boracay? Samantha’s Top Ten! Low Cost Hotels, Activities and Transportation

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Hi from My Boracay Guide!

I am Samantha, a Cebuana in love with Boracay and the resident blogger of MyBoracayGuide.

People often ask me “What to do in Boracay?!” My goal is to investigate the best things to do on the island to help you  make your next visit  to our beautiful island a more memorable one. I’m very keen to share ideas with you but also to have your feedback, tips and basically any request for information is very welcome!

So I’ll start with the basics: A brief list of best things to do in Boracay. In the next posts I will address the best places to stay, the coolest unknown (and secret!) places, interviews with residents and much more!

What to do in Boracay? Here’s The 10 absolute best!

1. Best overall thing to do: Island hopping

Its a Filipino classic and we are proud of it! Island hopping is the most popular activity in Boracay for a good reason, and your trip will not be complete without this experience. Discover the undeveloped islands surrounding Boracay, including Magic Island where you can go cliff jumping and Crocodile Island, one of the best snorkeling sites around. Island hopping includes lunch at Tambisaan beach and a stop at Puka Beach or Ilig Iligan Beach. Feast, jump, swim and snorkel all day!

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How tobook: Cost from:  PHP 1,300.00 per person Includes: Seafood(!!!!) and BBQ lunch Free use of snorkeling gear (rare these days..)

2. Best Beach: Puka Beach

Puka Beach was awarded the 5th most beautiful beach in Asia title by TripAdvisor. It is a pristine beach North of Boracay, and is the very essence of a deserted island. It is an 800 meter stretch of white sand and puka shells, inhabited only by rows upon rows of coconut trees and clear blue waters teeming with fish. It’s the best place to go for some peace and quiet.

Hotels nearby:

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How to get there:  Hire a tricycle from D’mall Cost from:  PHP 100.00-150.00 per way

3. Best Boracay Experience: Scuba Diving

Boracay is blessed with over 15 dive sites, and if you don’t have your Diving License, you can take a Discover Scuba Course. It’s a great way to learn the basics of diving, and to catch a glimpse of life under the sea. You get to see very cool creatures namely, the batfish, frogfish, lionfish, triggerfish, bannerfish, puffers and gobies.


Book online:  MyBoracayGuide Cost from:  PHP 3,000.00 per person

4. Best Boracay Water Sport: Kite Boarding

Boracay houses Asia’s BEST kite boarding beach on the other side of the world famous White Beach: Bulabog. Bulabog gets strong, stable winds that make it ideal for kiteboarding. Plus, the water is shallow which makes it perfect for beginners. Go ahead, try something new and learn to kite.

kite boarding

Book online:  MyBoracayGuide Cost from:  PHP 6,400 per person for 3 hours

5. Best Boracay Party: Join the crazy

Pubcrawl and Mingle Multi-cultural!

Boracay is both an island paradise and a party scene, a party scene unlike any other beach destinations in the Philippines, wouldn’t you agree? Getting more popular by the season and highly regarded by tourists, Pubcrawl is one big party in itself and is a great way to visit the best night spots of the island in just one night.


Book Online:  MyBoracayGuide Cost from: PHP 990.00 per person

6. Craziest Experience: Still Standing after 15 in Cocomangas

If you’re coming to the island for a party holiday, it will never be complete without rising to the “Still Standing after 15” challenge. Challengers come from far and wide, to accept this challenge. There is no specific timeframe to complete the shots, but you are required to down every single one. Best take your time, one of the shots is going to be hot! Complete this challenge and get an exclusive Cocomangas Jersey, your name on the Wall of Fame and score one point for your country!

Hotels nearby:


How to get there: Station 1, along the main road behind Club Paraw a. Walk along the White Beach and go to the main road upon reaching Club Paraw b. Hire a tricycle, regular rate is PHP 10.00 per head. Cost: PHP 1,280.00

7. Best souvenir shopping in Boracay @ D’Talipapa.

There is a vast array of souvenir choices along white beach, D’mall and different areas of the island. But the best ones are located in D’Talipapa, as they are cheaper and all the different shops are close to each other.

Another thing to consider are the handcrafted accessories by the Ati youth as part of their livelihood program. The Atis were the original settlers on the island, long before Boracay was discovered. They have a rich and unique culture that is celebrated once a year, and definitely worth a visit to Boracay. You can drop by the Ati Village to see them, from Bulabog Beach (past Aqua), or take the main road and pass through Bloomfield. Learn more about the Atis here.

Hotels nearby:

d talipapa

How to get there: a. From White Beach Station 2, there is a small access road next to Victory Divers b. From the Main Road, take a tricycle to D’Talipapa at PHP 10.00 per head regular rate Cost from:  PHP 100.00

8. Best food trip: D’talipapa for affordable fresh caught seafood

Night life, check! Island Activities, check! Souvenirs, check! Food… your Boracay trip isn’t over if you haven’t gone for a bite to eat at D’ Talipapa. After all the partying and trying different activities, what better food to eat on the island than a platter of freshly caught of seafood? Lobsters, clams, crabs, prawns, oysters, fish AND MORE are available daily at D’Talipapa. You simply take your pick to any of the restaurants around there, and have them cook it Filipino style!

Hotels nearby:

How to get there: a. From White Beach Station 2, there is a small access road next to Victory Divers b. From the Main Road, take a tricycle to D’Talipapa at PHP 10.00 per head regular rate Cook to order cost from:  PHP 150.00 – PHP 200.00

9. Greatest view of Boracay: Mount Luho View Point

You shouldn’t leave the island yet, not without seeing it from its highest point. Watch Boracay wake up from a mountaintop, a panoramic view of this paradise is most captivating at sunrise from Mount Luho’s observation deck!

Hotels nearby:

How to get there: Hire a tricycle from D’mall at PHP 100.00 – 150.00 per way Entrance cost: PHP 100.00 per person

10. Best Free thing to do: Sunset on White Beach is FREE!

Get your sarong or beach blanket out and settle on a spot on White Beach for the sunset, they are truly breathtaking. Take as many photos as you can, you will want to remember this one.

Sunset in Boracay is also Happy Hour! You can choose to hang out at one of the beachfront bars, I have listed a few favorites below for you. Also included is a link where you can download the most updated map of Boracay and make going around much easier.

sunset on white beach

Recommended hang outs: Station 1: Kasbah – 2 for 1 cocktails from PHP 100.00 Station 2: Ti Braz Creperie and Bistro – 2 for 1 cocktails from PHP 100.00 Station 3: Red Pirates – local drinks from PHP 60.00 Download this map.

Boracay Sunset

boracay sunset

And there you have it. No longer wonder what to do in Boracay, Just do it! I think these are The Top 10 absolute best things you can do in Boracay, to make your trip worthwhile. I hope you have fallen in love with island as I have, and hope you come back to visit. I included the best ongoing promos above and will definitely keep you updated. Should you have any questions, I am happy to address them. You can contact me via email through [email protected] (ATTN: Samantha) or call any of the following numbers to talk to a Boracay expert.

Office Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM  (+8 GMT) Monday to Sunday
Skype: MyBoracayGuide
Boracay, Philippines: (+63) (36) 288-9999
London, England: +44 20 3239 1839
Los Angeles, USA: +1 213 674 8696

Until next time, see you in paradise!

Photo Credits:
Island Hopping photo 1: Alex Baranescu
Island Hopping photo 2,3,4: My Boracay Guide
Puka Beach photo 1: Dave Tacon
Puka Beach photo 2: My Boracay Guide
Scuba Diving photo 1, 2: Calypso Diving
Scuba Diving photo 3: Anne Cervales
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Souvenir photo 3: The Inquirer
D’Talipapa photo 1: Genting Hong Kong
D’Talipapa photo 2: Jim Teo
D’Talipapa photo 3, 4: The Kife
Mount Luho photo 1: Pasaulineskeliones
Mount Luho photo 2: Fred Baa
Sunset photo 1: Alex Baranescu

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